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I created this site to present my artwork, please look around and let me know if you have any comments or questions.


My Story

Most of my life I have been involved in some kind of artistic activity, being an Architect by profession has given me the opportunity to be creative to an extent, but my art has unleashed this opportunity to no end.

Now in my mid-fifties and with a satisfying career and family I found myself with more time on my hands to spend doing what I always loved : Creating Art.​

An avid illustrator and photographer all my life, in 2014 I began experimenting with the digital manipulation of my photography and drawings.

Most of my designs reflect my Mexican heritage, inspired by the innocence and colorful designs of indigenous art and crafts and the influence of some of my favorite painters like Rufino Tamayo and Francisco Zuñiga.

To date, my art has been in multiple exhibits and competitions. It has received a number of prizes and accolades from juries and  the general public.
My  artwork has also been used on a number of shortfilms and their advertising.

I print all of my pieces on archival papers and have a limited edition of 25
I offer a 3 years warranty against fading or color change.

For additional information refer to the “NEWS” tab.


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